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Shaking Hands

Earlier this week, it was announced that Nepal would be extending their flight suspension until August 31st. (Previously, they had announced opening for travel on August 17th). My flight was scheduled for August 25th, so I knew things would change. And so they are!

While I should find out my new dates tomorrow (likely the first week of September some time), I was also concerned about my visa. I've been monitoring things closely and in talking with the Embassy of Nepal, I learned that it is unlikely that they will be offering visas upon arrival (which was the norm before lockdown). This means that the only way to ensure you have a visa is to apply for one before you leave through the Consulate in Washington, D.C. However, they were not accepting any applications until the lockdown in Nepal was lifted, which is why I made plans to go on August 17th to apply. (They typically have a drop-off/pick-up option as well as a mail-in option....I'm leery about sending my passport through the mail and just not knowing where it is, so I wanted to ensure I could at least get that back if all else failed).

When the announcement was made that the suspension was extended, I contacted the Consular to see what my options were. He was very kind and told me that he was waiting on some information from the Immigration Department and would get back to me. As of today, August 13th, the information on their website now reads:

Visas fall under the "Consular Services" category, which means this is an announcement that they are resuming visa applications, but only via mail.

So today, I spent time pulling together everything the website said I needed to apply. I double checked. Triple checked. And even added additional documents and put little sticky notes all over everything in case there were any questions or concerns. And then at 4:40, I was finally done, and made my way to the post office. Needless to say, I was the last customer of the day, arriving at 4:57pm. (Dear post office employees- I sincerely apologize for keeping you late. I don't know why I thought it closed at 5:30pm).

Our post office is awesome and the employees are always so kind! They helped me make sure I had the right envelopes, tracking numbers, insurance, etc. I finished filling out all of the paperwork and handed the application, the money order, and my passport over the counter. Have I mentioned I don't like being separated from my passport? My hands literally were shaking and trembling throughout the whole transaction!

I took my receipts and tracking numbers and the sweet woman who helped me let me out of the locked doors. (Again, SO sorry!) And then I got in my car, hands still shaking. Nauseous. Anxious. A feeling that, thankfully, comes around less often than it used to, but that almost made it worse! Anxiety is no friend and I did not enjoy his presence.

So, I started talking to God in my car. And remembering truth that I have been as faithful as I know how to be with what is directly in front of me. And I am not in control. (Those of you who grew up with me or know me'll understand how scary that thought can be for me sometimes! Better now. But still a long way to go, clearly!) But you know who IS in control? My Creator. My Good Father. My Best Friend. The One who knows every piece of me and loves me anyways....HE is the one working all things together for His good. And guess what? His hands are steady. He is sure of His plan and He is pretty good at making it happen. And almost as quickly as it set in, panic and anxiety left with that simple thought.

God takes what I bring with trembling, unstable hands and He makes it steady. My hands might be shaking, but His never are.

"He's got the whole world in His hands."

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