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Welcoming October

If you've been keeping up with my journey, you likely know that about a month ago, my August flight that turned into a September flight then changed into an October flight. This time around, I decided to wait a couple of weeks after Nepal opened (which was September 1st) before re-submitting my visa paperwork. After waiting a while and no official news had been released indicating that the border would remain closed to tourists, I resent my application last week. The response came back today.

As some of you may have guessed, the response was not in my favor. They simply responded with a short note saying they are not processing visas for foreigners at the moment and to check back in a few weeks. (See photo below).

Since my nephew is due October 23rd and there is still so much uncertainty as to if/when Nepal will begin allowing regular tourists (I am not a diplomat or foreign official, so I do not meet the special criteria), I will be rescheduling my flights for the Spring of 2020. In the event miraculous news occurs and it seems highly likely I could actually get in before then, I will look into rearranging flights again at that time. But for now, I'm choosing to enjoy the time at home I have been granted with my family.

I have always known this was a risk, even before Coronavirus. Reality hit me hard when it didn't work out for last month, but this time around, I'm embracing it. I know that I have been faithful with the time given me and have done everything in my power to get there. And since I also know and trust Who is in control of my life, I'm resting in knowing He IS good and is not withholding good from me! So I'm excited to see what this season holds....and excited to hold my nephew in this season! Liam- Aunty Darien cannot wait to meet you!!

As I continue on in the waiting season, I will continue working, spending time with family, learning the language, keeping in contact with my Nepal family, and keeping a close eye on things to see if/when God will be releasing me from America to go to Nepal!

Throughout this journey, I have received so much hope and encouragement through family, friends, and even strangers! And I just want you to know how much that means to me. Thank you for continuing to encourage me and pray for me. Please join me in praying for Nepal as the virus has had a great negative impact on their economy and livelihoods. I promise to keep you all updated as soon as I have any more news to give! So much love and appreciation for you!

Dear October, though you're already not what I expected, I'm ready for you and look forward to greeting you. Thank you in advance for the memories you will bring!

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