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Meet the Kids

Happy December, everyone! Just wanted to take a few moments to share about the last few weeks!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has stayed in contact and has been checking in, especially during your own busy holiday seasons! I'm so honored and humbled to have you in my support system.

We've been getting more into a routine with the kids. I'm tutoring a few times a day and loving it! The first few days, the kids were afraid to ask questions. Now they fight for help with homework. I've particularly enjoyed watching one of the boys grow in his confidence in math. His sister is in the same class and math is easy for her, so he often just gives up. But after spending some time with them and showing him that he CAN do he asks me to make practice tests for him almost every time we tutor! AND he is getting the questions right! So proud of him. So proud of all of them, really. They were already behind in school before they moved into the house and then with COVID-19 taking its toll, they are actively studying and working on 3-5 lesson chapters every night to try to catch up. One of the older girls will even make sure she wakes up extra early to finish her work thoroughly.

I bet some of you would like to get to know a little more about the kids, so let me share some of what I have learned about a few of their personalities. (I'm changing the names to some of their favorite princess names for anonymity).

Elsa is the oldest. She goes to a different school, so she gets up the earliest each day and comes home the latest. She is a hard worker and good with kids. She is currently adjusting to her new braces, so prayers for her dental pain are appreciated!

Next is Jasmine. She is quiet, kind, and has a gentle heart. She LOVES arts and crafts and creating things. Most recently, she's been thoroughly enjoying doing a paint-by-number canvas with her sisters that I was able to bring from the states.

The third is Belle. Just like the princess, she is always studying and is kind to every person she meets. She hopes to be a teacher one day and by the way that she helps care for her younger siblings, I believe she will be a good one! She also has the most contagious smile!

Fourth is Aurora, She is not a big fan of school or studying, but she is a wonderful help around the house and LOVES spending time with younger kids. Also I'm pretty sure if I chose a superhero for her instead of a princess, it would have been the Flash because she is SO fast at everything!

Coming in fifth is Ariel. If she wanted to, she could go unnoticed, but I see her. She's like a sponge....always observing, listening, and observing things around her. She has a sweet soul and is eager to learn. She also loves to dance! (Well, that could be said of any of them I suppose!)

Sixth would be little Tony (Stark....from Iron Man). He is the one who is progressing in math and tutoring. He's definitely a boy, so he's active and gets into trouble, but he also has the most gentle heart! He is always looking for me and wants to play or just hang out wherever I am. So precious!

Seventh is Thor. Also 100% a boy. Even though he doesn't know much English, he is constantly trying hard to use it, and I am proud of how much he has grown already! He loves chocolate and all things sweet. He loves playing with his younger siblings and is a good friend to the kids next door as well.

Number eight is Miss Cinderella. Dimples for DAYS!! She loves school and learning and just like her older sister Belle, she wants to be a teacher. She also LOVES to sing, so we get along great. Haha. Even though she is one of the youngest, she is also very responsible and helps keep her younger siblings on task....unless she herself is feeling like being off task. Then her leadership skills can get her into trouble. Sometimes you just kind of know when a child will grow up to make a difference and that feels especially true for her.

The youngest is little Thumbelina. Perfect choice for her because of her teeny tiny frame! She came into the house not even knowing Nepali, and is now fluent and is quickly excelling in English skills. She seems timid and shy, but she's really the most curious of all. She does great in school and loves all things girly! But don't worry, she can play in the dirt with no problems as well. As Shakespeare said, "and though she be but little, she is fierce!"

There are also two toddlers who belong to Jay and Sangeeta.

Yohann (aka Spiderman on most days!) is three and he is obsessed with superheroes! He would love nothing more than to have a closet filled with costumes to choose from each day. I've begun tutoring him and after the first few days, he seems to be enjoying it more and is doing really well. His favorite song is "Believer" by Imagine Dragons, although he is happy to sing just about anything! He also loves to help in the kitchen and made cookies with me this weekend.

Yosiah is two and he also loves to sing! His favorite song is "Jesus Loves Me." He loves his mom and dad and is protective over his mom. He is adventurous, but also cautious. His family jokes that he is like an old man because of how he talks and how clean he likes to be! He loves anything his brother loves, but I think he is more interested in things with wheels than he is in superheroes. He enjoys motorcycle noises and hanging out with Aurora.

After reading a little about each of these precious little souls, maybe you can understand more about how sweet it is just to be here every day. We had an early Christmas celebration this weekend and it was the BEST time! I made stockings for each kid and then realized that it's definitely an American thing....everyone just thought they were socks! Haha. I mean, I suppose they are...but they are still festive and fun to fill with treats for a special day! Jay shared the story of the birth of Christ (I was in Nepali) and we sang songs of worship and prayed together. We baked cookies, ate good food, danced the night away, and just enjoyed a weekend of togetherness celebrating the birth of the Savior of the World!

All in all, Nepal has been amazing so far. The longer I am here, the more it feels like home. Still not 100% sure what God's plan is going to be for the long-term, but for the moments I have right now, I'm enjoying every minute.

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