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Loads of Blessings

Christmas here in Nepal came with an extra special gift this year!

People often ask what the "needs" are here for me and for the house. I struggle with knowing how to answer that question because "needs" can change based on perspectives and cultures. Do we have access to the basics of food, shelter, and clean water? Yes. God has been so kind in providing a beautiful, safe home here! But beyond that...what do you say? Well, I don't know what people expect or hope to hear, so I have decided that I would just share things that I notice would be helpful or a blessing to the people here. Not trying to overdo it, but I made a blog post a few weeks ago and in it, I mentioned that we needed a new washer in the house (which currently is home to 19 people). Felt like that was reasonable, especially since more and more homes here are starting to have them. And hey, if no one wanted to donate, no harm done! We have been and would continue to get by.

But let me just tell you this sweet story about how God wanted to bless us this year!

After I wrote that post, my friend Kandis reached out to me to ask if she could use this as their project this Christmas for her sons Jacob (12) and Joseph (10) to work on. They organized a fundraiser making phone calls and reaching out to friends and family to reach a goal of $800 for a new washing machine. For anyone who contributed, they would make a sweet treat and deliver it to their doorstep as a "thank you." (I mean, does it get any more precious than that?!)

After they had already begun this fundraiser, Kandis told me that she and her husband had been praying specifically about how to give this Christmas and they had even been matched with a family to help, but when the time came, no one could reach them. They were so bummed! Then her husband told her that he felt like they should buy a washer/dryer for a family in need. They thought about going to a local laundromat and finding a family to buy for but were hesitant because it would be difficult to vet families and sort out delivery, brand, etc. And wouldn't you know it, the very next day, she read my blog and saw the need for a washer!

I love how God chooses to be so specific sometimes when He shows His love and generosity to us! And what's even better is that we were just asking for a washing machine, but the boys raised more than the $800 goal and the house parents found a good deal on a good quality washer/dryer we were able to get both a washer AND a dryer! (That dryer is going to be the best thing ever once Monsoon season gets here!)

There is so much wrong in our world. Like. SO. MUCH. But then little things like this happen to remind us that there is also a lot of good! Kandis and her husband are working diligently and creatively to instill character traits in their children that will (and ARE) changing the world. With all of the brokenness and broken homes in society now, it is such an encouragement to see a family still together, loving each other, and loving others (strangers even) well.

We are so excited to use these gifts! Kandis, Brian, Jacob, Joseph, and Hallie- your family has made a bigger impact than you know. And to everyone who supported their fundraiser, thank YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity to people you will likely never even meet! This is a gift that will literally keep on giving.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. How have you been encouraged lately?

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